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Our Medical Grade 4000 Watt Diode Laser boasts more power with faster results than most lasers today. 
Get ready to ditch the razor, forget shaving rash, say goodbye to the shadow, and most importantly boost your self confidence;

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Luxurious clinic setting, friendly female team, powerful Medical grade diode laser with Freeze cool technology for maximum comfort, lead by Level 4 & experienced management, part of a wider group catering to all fitzpatrick skin types & with the fastest results.

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Working alongside Jasmine Sophia Aesthetics

Following on from the success of Jasmine Sophia Aesthetics - a true leader in safety & excellence within the aesthetics industry with a passion for training others in her personalised & perfected techniques - Jasmine proudly joined forces with Bicester Glow Clinic to bring the same life-changing results to Banbury. 


With plans to expand into similar avenues as the Bicester clinic, Banbury Glow Clinic will first focus on Laser Hair Removal, using one of the top rated and most powerful diode lasers in the UK & Europe. 


Beauty is very much an inside job, but here at BGC we understand that sometimes something on the outside can leave us feeling self conscious, and nobody deserves to feel that way! Our non invasive, tailored treatment plans will leave you feeling wonderful.

We can be found within the same clinic as Jasmine Sophia Aesthetics, so should you wish to discuss any aesthetic treatments or lashes/facials, we are here for your beauty and aesthetic needs.

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