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Laser Treatment

Acne, Vascular & Pigmented Lesions, Fungal nails

Using both the Lynton Lumina ND-Yag capabilities and the Lynton Lumina IPL - otherwise known as Intense Pulsed Light - to boost collagen production & to treat a multitude of skin concerns on Skin Types 1-4 including:



Active acne

Pigmentation (sun spots)

and Vascular lesions such as Thread veins

Leg veins (1.5mm max diameter)

Venous lake, Spider nevi

Campbell de Morgan

to name a few....


Here at Banbury Glow Clinic we are able to treat all of these (severity dependant), with our state of the art, UK manufactured, Award Winning medical grade Lynton Lasers Machine. Offering superior results unrivalled in the market.


Using a 585 &/or 650 IPL Wavelength, or the ND-Yag, we can tailor your treatments depending on the concerns. We will ascertain our wavelength of choice at your Patch Test appointment. It is a fantastic way to precisely treat areas of concern, or the full face, for all-round skin rejuvenation, improvement of tone & texture, reducing redness, or more specifically treating the aforementioned concerns, in addition to freckles, some birth marks, and sun damage. 


Not everyone is a candidate for these treatments; there are some skin and/or medical conditions which we are unable to treat, and darker skin tones are less suitable for these as there can be a risk of burning due to the way the technology works. To establish if you are a candidate please enquire via the contact form and our specialist will get back to you. If we believe we can help we will advise you book in for a patch test.


No treatments can be carried out without a patch test within our clinic beforehand, minimum 7 days prior.


During your consultation our specialist will:

Discuss the area(s) of concern including a likely treatment plan and outcome which may combine methods 


Carry out a small routine patch test to check your skins response to the IPL


Explain what happens during your treatment, how to prepare, aftercare, & costs


Answer any questions you may have

Please check our FAQ page if you would like more information

Have you already booked your treatment and want to learn more about it, including pre-care and aftercare details?

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