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  • Is laser hair removal permanent removal of the hair?
    Laser hair removal is the best and longest lasting type of hair removal, and is formally referred to as permanent hair reduction, as there will be permanently less hairs (given that your hairs are brown-black and the hairs are darker than your skin), however no clinic can guarantee you wont ever get any hairs grow back in the future so we cannot legally say it is permanent removal. We aim to leave you hairless in your treated area after your recommended course. Realistically you can expect the odd hair to come through over the following few years as long as your skin and hair are of the right combination. Alternatively, some clients report very fair fine hairs coming through which they find much better than whatever was there before. There will always be some people who do not respond well to laser hair removal.
  • How long does it last?
    Each client is different and will get different results at different rates. Darker hair on paler skin responds the quickest. We suggest a one-time top up anywhere between 12-36 months after the end of your course to maintain your hair-free area as a few, often thin whispy hairs, may return over time. You can expect a permanent reduction in the amount of hair there. The hairs which grow back in the future varies across clients, some clients may find their hair grows back quicker than others, and some find no hairs grow back at all. This will vary from person to person and hormones play a large part, too. so some may find they need more frequent maintenance sessions.
  • Does it hurt?
    Clients report a tingling or needling sensation. Or prickles in more sensitive areas. This varies across clients, taking their hair and skin type into consideration, and towards the end of your course we may increase the energy for the best results, at this stage it can feel like some hairs are being plucked or pulled.
  • Do I need to shave or not?
    Yes, please! For your treatment we ask that you shave the area around 8h beforehand as your hairs need to be totally gone but your skin not sore from just doing so. DO NOT WAX or epilate at all before or during your treatment for at least 4 weeks prior. Only shave between treatments.
  • Do I need a patch test?
    Yes, all clients require a patch test. If you have had a patch test with us but longer than 6 months ago eg you fell pregnant and had a big gap you will need another patch test. If you are Fitzpatrick 1-3 the soonest you can have your treatment after a patch test is 24h later. If fitzpatrick 4-6 it needs to be a minumum of 48h.
  • How can I prepare for my treatment?
    Before your treatment you must HAVE: -Booked in a patch test 24-48h prior to your appointment, depending on your Skins Fitzpatrick scale (4-6 skin type need a 48h gap) - Checked you are medically suitable for this treatment either by reading the website or getting in touch. - Shaved the area & any areas you wish to patch test 8h before treatment depending on how fast your hairs grow, we advise to take a picture of hair growth prior to shaving to keep track of progress. Before your treatment you must NOT: - Apply anything to the treated area eg moisturiser, oil, deodorant - Use acids in the area for 5 days (AHA’s/BHA’s/Glycolic/Retinol). - Have waxed or epillated for 4 weeks. - Expose the area to direct sun or sun-beds for 14 days prior, if sun is unavoidable, spf 50 must be used & reapplied at all times. No fake tan for 14+ days prior or the treatment cannot go ahead. - Expose the area to steam eg hot bath or shower on the day of treatment - Strenuously exercise before treatment. - Have deeply exfoliated the area for 4 weeks eg skin peel or microdermabrasion - Have had electrolysis or similar for 8 weeks in the area. - Use hormonal, steroidal or treatment creams on the treated area for 2 weeks. -Take anti-microbial, antibiotics, anti-fungal, anti-viral or St. John’s Wort for 21 days.
  • What happens after my treatment?
    Immediately after treatment the skin may tingle or feel warm or cold, there may be redness of the skin and/or follicles and there can be swelling. Itching & tingling is also common. Cool aloe gel can soothe any treated areas. After your treatment you must NOT: - Shave the area until the hairs have grown 2-3mm and are long enough to pull at - Apply makeup to the area for 12 hours following treatment, if any blistering or surface damage then no makeup on the area until fully healed. - Use perfumed creams, chemicals etc for 48h. - Wax, pluck or epilate etc after or between treatments at all. You can shave between treatments if necessary. - Scratch, rub or pick the area. - Bathing in hot water, steam sauna etc for 5 days. - Play contact sports or activities that may irritate the area. - Wear tight clothing that may irritate the area. - Exposure the area to sun for 4 weeks (factor 50 if unavoidable). - Use sun beds for at least 4 weeks. After your treatment you MUST: - Keep the area protected from the sun. Wear factor 50 on treated areas for at least a month following treatment. - You should keep the area clean. - Exfoliate the treatment area everyday (after 48h) with an exfoliating mitt (not a chemical exfoliator).
  • I have medical/skin concerns, am I suitable?"
    There are a number of skin and medical conditions which are contraindications or cautions to our treatments where you should check with us before booking if you are safe for treatment, these include but are not limited to; Being under 18yo, pregnant or breastfeeding, ever had Skin cancer, or cancer in general (Dr note needed), epilepsy, use of roacutane in the last year, have melasma, cystic acne (treated area), autoimmune diseases eg lupus/chrones, metal plates or pins in the area, skin diseases, blood disorders, moles & tattoos in the area, hypo or hyperpigmentation, diabetes, birth marks, keloid scars, any medication with photosensitivity as a side effect needs a Dr note, Also there are cautions if the client is using antibiotics/antifungals, St Johns Wort, steroids, retinols/acids, HRT, Please contact us to confirm your suitability.
  • Can it remove blonde hairs?
    Afraid not - there needs to be enough pigment in the hair for it to work. Blonde, grey, light brown, and red hair will not be picked up by the laser.
  • I have skin type 4-6, can I have laser hair removal?
    We can safely treat all skin types, however skin types 4-6 may achieve faster results with more comfortable treatments using the Yag laser in our Bicester clinic - we advise having a consultation/patch test where we can check your skins reaction and advise the best course of action for you. The hairs must be darker than the skin in order for hair removal to be achieved.
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